Multi Track editing Audacity

A really nice way to record and edit podcasts is to have each person speaking isolated to their own channel.  In my early days it was one microphone into a single recorder, so every one was on the same track.  However with the advent of the pandemic and the rise in remote recording, having separate… Continue reading Multi Track editing Audacity

IPFS Website

I have been in and around podcasting for the past 10 year. In the modern age of youtube and soundcloud I am still surprised that hosting for podcasting is still a thing that people have to and actually need to pay for. Even though the file sizes for audio podcasts are literally a faction (~1/10)… Continue reading IPFS Website


Dynamic Audio Normalizer is a library for advanced audio normalization purposes. It applies a certain amount of gain to the input audio in order to bring its peak magnitude to a target level (e.g. 0 dBFS). However, in contrast to more “simple” normalization algorithms, the Dynamic Audio Normalizer dynamically re-adjusts the gain factor to the… Continue reading DynamicAudioNormalizer